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How much does it cost to run a pool on 

In order to keep TourneyTime online a small NCAA Administration Fee or NFL Administration Fee will be charged. You will receive no unwanted email or pop-up advertising in return. 
When I log in or try to go to another page, why do I always get an error message? 

In order to use TourneyTime, your browser MUST accept "cookies". Please refer to our Cookie Help & Information page to learn about cookies and how to accept them. 
What do I do if I forget my username or password? 

From the TourneyTime Home Page click on the Forgot UserName/Password link. You will be asked to enter either your username or e-mail address. Your username and password will be sent to the e-mail address you have on file with your TourneyTime account. 
What is is a leading provider of internet-based tools to manage tournament pools for popular professional and collegiate sporting events, including the NCAA tournaments and NFL season. Our mission is to provide online tools to allow our members to quickly and easily manage an office pool so he/she can enjoy the games more. has growing base of loyal members and aims to be the top provider of online office pools for people of all ages. is a registered trademark of, LLC and is located in the Quad Cities, USA. 
Does have a "Terms of Service" agreement? 

Yes! When a new TourneyTime account is created, the participant must agree to our Terms of Service Agreement
Can I join multiple pools with my TourneyTime account? 

Yes, you can! Once you sign-up and sign-in, you can join as many pools as you would like (granted you are invited to join and know the password)! 
Can I make multiple picks (multiple pick sheets) for a pool that I have joined? 

Yes! Players can add and use multiple picks sheets in the same pool, assuming that the pool rules/settings allow it. To add an additional pick sheet, login and view your pool, click the "Pick Sheet Manager" (NCAA) or the "Manage Picks & Sheets" (NFL) button at the top of the page. Then click the "Add New Pick Sheet" link. Managers have the ability to turn on/off this option. 
If I joined a pool by mistake or don't want to play, how do I get out? 

Login to your TourneyTime account and click the "Play" link found under the pool name in the "My Pools" section on the left side of the screen. From the pool's main page, click the "Remove Me" button from the top of the page. This will remove your picks, posts, and other information from the pool. Please note, this is not reversible. 
Do I need to register before entering a tournament pool? 

Yes. Access to most pages requires you to login. 
Why do the site pages scroll? 

The resolution on your computer is set low. recommends using a resolution of 1024 x 768 (or higher) for the best viewing experience. You can change this by right clicking on your blank desktop->clicking Properties->selecting the display tab -> and changing the 'Screen Area' to 1024 x 768. 
If I am the creator of a pool, do I also need to go through the "Join" process to become a participant? 

No. If you select the "Join This Pool upon Creation" checkbox as you are creating your pool, you will automatically be added to that pool. However, if you forget or decide to join at a later time, you can still use the "Join a Pool" option to become a participant of the pool. Remember, anyone joining the pool after creation will require the pool entry password to join. 
If I created a pool, can I send my pool information to others using TourneyTime? 

Yes. TourneyTime's "Invite Manager" will allow you send send automated emails to past and future players. To access the Invite Manager, go to your pool manager's page, and select "Contact Players" button. You will be able to select past players and/or add any new email addresses to your contact list. Then send an invitation to those players to join your new TourneyTime pool.

Click to View: Invite Manager Demo 
How do I include someone who doesn't have internet access (Offline Manager)? 

A pool manager is able to add players without internet access (offline) to the pool he/she is managing and make the picks for them. To do this, the manager needs to click on "Manage" link found under the pool name after loggin into his/her TourneyTime account. Once at the pool manager's page, click the "Off-Line Manager" button found on near the top of the page.

Click to View: Offline Manager Demo 
When can I start making my picks for the NCAA Tournament? 

The picks pages will be available shortly after the teams are officially announced on selection Sunday. This is usually around 8 PM EST. 
What is the deadline for pool managers to enter picks for their participants? 

Although participant picks will be locked at tip-off of first game in the round (approx 12:20 Eastern) on Thursday following Selection Sunday, pool managers will be able to add/edit picks for members of their pool at any time. There is no deadline for pool managers to enter picks. 
Will I be able to view all other pool players picks once the Tournament starts? 

Yes you will! Once the Tournament is underway and the picks are locked down, you will be able to view other players picks from your pools page. A 'html' and 'pdf' link will be avaialble in the "Picks Status" column under the "COMPLETE" message for each player that has a valid pick sheet. The "html" will show that players pick sheet in html format for faster loading and "pdf" will show the pick sheet in adobe acrobate reader. Both formats are printable and will indicate correct and incorrect picks as the Tournament progresses. 
Does TourneyTime allow bonus points to be awarded in pools or have "upset scoring"? 

Yes! TourneyTime allows "Upset Scoring" option for the first and second rounds. Using this method, bonus points (equal to the difference in the seeds) will be awarded if an upset is correctly picked. All bonus scoring is OPTIONAL for each round and is selected by the pool's manager upon the creation of the pool. 
How are TourneyTime pools scored? 

Each round is assigned a point value that will be given to each correct pick. The point values are assigned by the pool's manager when the pool is created. Additionally, there are optional bonus point scoring options available for each round (e.g. upset scoring, all correct in a round, all correct in a region). All scoring is done automatically as each game result is posted. 
What do I do if I think there is a scoring error? 

If you think there may have been a scoring error, send an e-mail to TourneyTime Support. Include the name of your Pool, your username, and a description of the scoring error. We will quickly help you resolve the scoring issue. 
If I am a pool manager, can I remove someone from my pool? 

Yes you can. Login into your TourneyTime account and select the "Manage My Pool" option. Select the pool that you want and click on "Remove Players" in the menu bar. From here you will be able to select the player(s) you want to remove. Please be advised, this is not reversible. 
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