How To Play "Super Squares"

A "Super Squares" pool consists of a 10 x 10 grid (100 squares) where each row and column are assigned a number from 0 to 9. Players can select one or more squares on the grid until all squares are taken. Based on the pool's scoring options (quarterly, half-time and final, or final only), one or more squares may be winners. Winning squares are choosen by looking at the last digit of both teams' scores and then using those numbers to determine the winning square on the grid.

Here is an example using a Monday night game between the Vikings and Packers:
Team Q1 Q2 Q3 Final
Vikings 7 21 28 30
Packers 7 14 14 23

  This "Super Squares" pool is randomly assigning column and row values (set-up option) and using the final score of the game to determine one winning square. In this example, the player who picked the square where the Vikings 0 (zero) COLUMN (the last digit in Viking's final score of 30) intersected the Packers 3 (three) ROW (the last digit in Packer's final score of 23) was the winner.

"Super Squares" Features

  • Monday Night Games & Super Bowl /or/ Super Bowl Only
  • Custom scoring options
    • One or More Winners
      • Four Quarters
      • Half-Time & Final
      • Final Only
  • Max Picks: Setup allows players to pick 1 to multiple squares
  • Grid Assignment (Random /or/ Pre-Set)
    • Random Axis: X and Y axis values are randomly assigned after picks are locked (recommended)
    • Pre-Set (0 to 9): X and Y axis values are pre-set from 0 - 9 and are known during picks
  • Picks Deadline: Start of the squares game of week
  • No Ties
  • Reports
    • Squares Summary - Weekly summary of winning squares
    • Blank Squares Sheet - View and Study match ups, take notes and use to make picks
    • Season Schedule & Results - View season schedule and real game results
    • Pool Results Archive - see all your previous season NFL pool results

Manager Features

  • Invite Manager
    • Keep track of your players for easy future invites
    • Automated Invites - Send email invitations to new and past players with a custom link and instructions for joining your pool
  • Contact Manager - Contact players in pool with status updates and other important information
  • Manager Message - Displays on the pool's main page to allow for extra rules & information
  • Offline Manager - Enter Picks for players without web access
  • Manager Picks - Enter Picks for players who are unavailable (i.e. vacation, etc.)
  • Player Status Tracking - Track "pool membership status" (i.e. active/paid, etc.)
  • Remove players - Remove any un-wanted players from pool
  • Pool Password - Help prevent un-wanted players from joining your pool
  • Automatic scoring
  • Private message board
  • Fast & dedicated TourneyTime member support

Common Features

  • Easy pick making
  • Automatic scoring
  • Private messaging
  • Private message board
  • Fast TourneyTime member support
    • TourneyTime responds to ALL support requests
    • During prime pool weeks, response will be within 2 - 4 hours from 7 am - 9 pm EST
  • Late Pools Welcome: Start your TourneyTime pool anytime.