Run your NCAA basketball or NFL football pool with us. Custom scoring, mobile-ready, and real people to ask in case you need support. Best of all, no ads!

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How it Works

Simply create an account with us, and then create your pool. Choose the options for scoring that you want, as complicated or as simple as you need. Include upset bonus points, regional and round bonuses, and more. Then simply activate your pool through our payment process with a 100% refundable guarantee. Send your invites including the secure pool entry password using our invite manager, and your pool will come to life!

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About TourneyTime

TourneyTime has been hosting online pools for over 18 years. The project started small to solve the complicated scoring and paper issues of running the traditional office pool. Now we've grown to hundreds of thousands of loyal users with more each year. Our competitors have multiplied over the years, but we thrive because of our commitment to great support, ease of use, and no ads. We hope you'll find TourneyTime to be a great experience.

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"TourneyTime is just simple and easy. It has the options I need to score my pool, plus my boss AND my mother can even figure it out!"

Richard I.